Friday, 18 June 2010

IF. Ripple

Oh no!…the sun’s out. The ‘Body Beautifuls’ will be strutting their stuff this weekend.

Think I’ll keep my ‘Body Bountiful’ to myself at home in the garden.


Sarah Pecorino said...

this is great. I love the textures and colors. (It kind of reminds me of my husband, without the hair.)

justdoodleit said...

Some Greek god physique this guy has...the hairy patches complement those rippling muscles very well :)

Jason James Curtis said...

Wow, he's ripped...I mean, rippled!

Funny stuff Mark! His hair is impressive, although I suspect that it's a wig.

Great colours in this piece. I love it!

Marijke said...

He looks like he is his own biggest fan! Really funny! :)

Sandra said...

Love the picture and love the comment! This is terrific!

Carmen Saldaña said...

Nice works you have here, I like your style. I love the expression of the face of this illo