Sunday, 23 November 2008

IF. Opinon

Everybody has one and you should never be afraid to express it…sometimes though, it’s best all around if you keep them to yourself!

Friday, 21 November 2008

IF. Pretend

Christmas is coming and parents are getting worried.
What to buy?, where can I get one?, what can I afford?

The radio is running a campaign called “Don’t cancel Christmas” giving tips and ideas on how to have a happy one in the economic downturn. Lots of people worried that they can’t afford to buy their children exactly what they want and how to break the news to them. Having watched my niece at Christmas and Birthdays past it brought to mind the old idea that it’s the simple things that bring lasting pleasure. As much fun is had pretending to be in a kitchen/cafe/castle as playing with expensive bought versions. Paper, pencils, felt tip pens, paints, glitter and glue plus the magical time together are the biggest winners. A developed and nurtured imagination is the gift that keeps on giving! Oh the thrill of a big cardboard box!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

IF. Wise

Autumn, my favourite time of the year!
Short, gray, chilly days.
Long, black, cold nights.
Staying in and cosying up.
Venturing out for supplies when you really have to.
I take my cue from the hibernating animals.
Very wise indeed.

This was my first attempt with scraperboard and I found I really enjoyed it. (Scanned and coloured up roughly in Photoshop).