Friday, 23 January 2009

IF. Pale



Chris Kennett said...

Also a "Pail" imitation! I like it a lot!

kathy hare said...

he is adorable..

aeneadellaluna said...

Ohhh it's adorable! I loved the idea!!!

Denise Gallagher said...

What a cute little fellow!
Love it!

Thanks so much for your kind comment.


Jen Pringle said...

This is very cute.

Thanks for your comment by the way.

Been scrolling through your posts, really like your work - you've got a very nice style and great use of colour. Think I'll have to set myself up as a follower!

Jen :-)

Eric Barclay said...

Your work is always top notch and this is no exception. Really like your previous two posts as well.

Josh Frost said...

Hello Mark

I am compiling a book called 100 ways to the Dark side, and in it are 100 different Darth Vader's from different artist. This book is a tribute to George Lucas and to Star Wars. I would love to put this image in the book. Please e mail me and let me know if it is okay

Thank you

- Josh